Bathroom Refurbishment Hammersmith W14

Here is another completed project: Bathroom renovation in Hammersmith W14.

TipTop Builders completed 3rd bathroom project for regular customer. Bathroom was in quite bad condition: very old fashion tiling on floor, loose and poorly done wall tiling, damp on walls, leaking pipes, blocked drain and so on, but location is good – 2 min away from underground, plenty of shops and nice restaurants and parks around.

Our plan was to keep the same layout and to make bathroom looking bigger. It was right decision to have large wide and bright limestone tiling on walls and floor. Also, we fitted one huge mirror to cover half of the wall, so light reflect and make bathroom looks wider and brighter. And it really worked, bathroom got modern look and we managed to install all plumbing furniture as well with plenty of space around it.

Bathroom had unpleasant smell, because of the rising damp on walls. Our builders had to do waterproofing by injecting cream in order to enhance damp proof membrane and apply a liquid damp proof membrane on all walls (black bitumen).

It was very important to get rid of the damp, as there is no point to refurbish bathroom and then get moister on walls and loose tiles in 8-10 month time. All works have to be done properly at the beginning, so it is important to hire right team for your refurbishment project.

Please, have a look photos below: Before and After. And if you just bought the property and planning to refurbish it, then give us a call or fill out from FREE QUOTATION. We will be happy to come and discuss the possible options and give a quote for it. If we are lucky to get the job, your property will be remodelled to a standard that meets anyone’s expectations.

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom after Refurbishment:

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