Property Refurbishment SW19

TipTop Builders LTD completed project in Wimbledon SW19:

  1. New plumbing and Megaflo heating system
  2. Structural works: steel beams installation.
  3. New partition walls between rooms on each floor.
  4. Bathroom, Shower room and ensuite installation.
  5. Kitchen fitting and appliances installation.
  6. Electrical works: spot lights, strip lights, pendant lighting, usb sockets, garden lighting, balcony lighting.
  7. Alarm and intercom installation.
  8. Underfloor heating on ground and lower ground floor.
  9. Radiators on 1st and top floor, Nest thermostat installation.
  10. Velux windows, UPVC windows and glass balcony fittings.
  11. Roof insulation and thermal and sound insulation on all floors.
  12. Plastering and painting inside and outside.
  13. Car port roof refurbishment: fibreglass roof installation.
  14. Garden: different areas include tilling, grass and bark. Also lighting and shed.
  15. Tiling on ground floor, first and top floor balcony.
  16. Wooden floor on lower ground floor, 1st and top floor.

Bathroom and shower room:

Toilet room and Utility rooms:



Dining room:

Wardrobe and storage:


Garden, roof and heating: 

Living room:

Tiling Walls Floor

TipTop Builders tile fitting and installation service.

Our fitters and installers have many years of experience in fittings all types of tiles, including: Ceramic, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Natural Stone, Porcelain, Mosaic, Slate and many more.

TipTop Builders tile fitting and installation quotation includes:

  • Removing and disposing old wall and floor tiles.
  • Plastering walls before tiling.
  • Levelling floor – fitting plywood sub-floor or apply self-levelling compound.
  • Laying tiles on walls and floor.
  • Grouting walls and floor.
  • Apply silicon where necessary.

Our service includes:

  1. Fully inclusive fixed price for labour cost.
  2. Estimated cost of building materials and rubbish removal.
  3. Design advice.
  4. Written Quotation.
  5. Quick start.
  6. Work guarantee and complete service.
  7. Friendly and polite team of builders.

Are you looking for tiler in London? We can help:

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Kitchen Fitting

Why Choose TipTop Builders, Kitchen Fitting and Installation Service?

Our London Team of Kitchen Fitters and Installers, Electricians and Plumbers have many years of experience in fittings all types of kitchen including, B&Q Kitchens, Wicks Fitted Kitchens, Ikea Kitchen cabinets, Worktops, Homebase, Howdens kitchens and many more.

TipTop Builders Kitchen Fitting and Installation Quotation includes:

  • Removing and disposing your old Kitchen; wall and floor tiles, plumbing.
  • Plastering, Skimming and Painting ceiling and walls.
  • Walls and Floor tiling.
  • Assemble and Install new cabinets, worktop, doors, panels, skirting.
  • New Electrical installation (lights, spot light, Oven, electric and gas hobs, extractor)

Our service includes:

  1. Fully inclusive fixed price for labour cost.
  2. Design advice and Free planning.
  3. Written Quotation
  4. Quick start
  5. Work guarantee and Complete service.
  6. Friendly and polite team

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Bathroom Installation

bathroom installation in London


Bathroom Refurbishment Twickenham TW2

Bathroom Renovators Twickenham

TipTop Builders can help to renew your bathroom, shower-room or walk-in-shower.

Usually it take us up to 3 weeks to get everything done. Here is step by step description how we deal with bathroom refurbishment:

  1. Cover furniture and other items with dust sheets, place special floor protection on wooden and carpet flooring.
  2. Disconnect power supply and water supply in the bathroom.
  3. Removing old bath, basin, toilet, wall and floor tiles, old electrics, old pipes, etc.
  4. Provide new hot, cold water supply and new waste pipes installation.
  5. Plastering ceiling and walls.
  6. Painting ceiling and walls.
  7. Laying plywood sub-floor.
  8. Laying wall and floor tiles.
  9. Installation of new bath, basin, shower mixer, taps, toilet, etc.
  10. Apply grout and silicon.
  11. Cleaning, removing and disposing all building rubbish.

Read More

IKEA Kitchen Planning Design Installation Richmond TW10

kitchen installation

How to plan your new kitchen ?

Planning: With such a high level of importance of both function and potential cost, careful planning is essential before you go out and spend any of your hard-earned cash on a beautiful new kitchen. The functional aspects of your kitchen include storage, food preparation, cooking and basic hygiene, while the style aspects include worktops, flooring and cupboard fronts. It’s in the planning that these two aspects will come together to create a space that you feel happy and relaxed working in. Food cooked in a good frame of mind is good that is a pleasure to eat.

With so many decisions to make, designing your kitchen can seem like an overwhelming task. It needn’t be too complicated, however, if you take it step by step, follow a few basic but essential rules and understand the materials available to you and your budget. Read More

Kitchen Bathroom Refurbishment Hampstead NW3

Bathroom Fitters in Hampstead

Whole flat refurbishment in Hampstead NW3.


  1. New plumbing, including Megaflo heating system installation
  2. Rewiring whole flat: consumer unit, sockets and switches, heat and smoke detectors.
  3. Smart house: security cameras installation, data cable for each bedroom for wired internet.
  4. Underfloor heating and Nest Thermostat installation.
  5. Wooden floor fitting.
  6. Bathroom refurbishment.
  7. Kitchen installation.
  8. Interior doors installation.
  9. Plastering and painting.
  10. Furniture assembling and installation.

Please, have a look some photos of completed project:

Walk In Shower & ALTRO FLOOR Installation Sw11

Useful tips for walk in shower or wet-room installation with Altro flooring:

  1. Make sure you have enough space under floorboards, so all plumbing and waste trap can fit.
  2. Use existing floorboards as a sub-floor and don’t forget to screw 12-18mm waterproof plywood on top of it
  3. Make sure there is sufficient slope for water drainage (very important!) before laying tiles or safety flooring fitting.
  4. Do get correct wet room drain (must be suitable for tile and/or vinyl flooring.)
  5. Do not use basic tile trim. Do get Vinyl to Tile C8 tile trim. It would be easier to make waterproof seal between wall tiles and safety flooring.
  6. Before laying wall tiles: fix waterproof boards in areas around shower mixer and other opposite walls can be done with green waterproof plasterboard.
  7. Use only waterproof good quality grout on walls to prevent moister penetration.

Please, have a look completed project for commercial customer: Hestia Housing & Support. Existing bathroom and shower-room both been converted in walk-in-shower rooms with Altro Safety Flooring Installation. Read More

Bathroom installation in Ealing W7

TipTop Builders offer top quality Bathroom Installation services in Ealing W7. We provide Free Visit, Advice and Quotation !

Bathroom Refurbishment labour cost quotation includes: Read More

Bathroom Refurbishment Hammersmith W14

Here is another completed project: Bathroom renovation in Hammersmith W14.

TipTop Builders completed 3rd bathroom project for regular customer. Bathroom was in quite bad condition: very old fashion tiling on floor, loose and poorly done wall tiling, damp on walls, leaking pipes, blocked drain and so on, but location is good – 2 min away from underground, plenty of shops and nice restaurants and parks around.

Our plan was to keep the same layout and to make bathroom looking bigger. It was right decision to have large wide and bright limestone tiling on walls and floor. Also, we fitted one huge mirror to cover half of the wall, so light reflect and make bathroom looks wider and brighter. And it really worked, bathroom got modern look and we managed to install all plumbing furniture as well with plenty of space around it. Read More