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IKEA Kitchen Planning Design Installation Richmond TW10

How to plan your new kitchen ?

Planning: With such a high level of importance of both function and potential cost, careful planning is essential before you go out and spend any of your hard-earned cash on a beautiful new kitchen. The functional aspects of your kitchen include storage, food preparation, cooking and basic hygiene, while the style aspects include worktops, flooring and cupboard fronts. It’s in the planning that these two aspects will come together to create a space that you feel happy and relaxed working in. Food cooked in a good frame of mind is good that is a pleasure to eat.

With so many decisions to make, designing your kitchen can seem like an overwhelming task. It needn’t be too complicated, however, if you take it step by step, follow a few basic but essential rules and understand the materials available to you and your budget.

kitchen planningThe work triangle: All the different activities that take place in the kitchen mean the layout of the various parts is crucial. It must be practical and well thought out to make it as efficient and easy to use as possible. Consider that in the basic preparation of food the necessary activities generally take place between three elements in the kitchen- the fridge, the sink and the cooker. It is essential that access between these three is kept clear and that there is work-space between each on which to progress the food preparation. All the other elements in the kitchen then need to be laid out around these three basics. The relationship between them is known as the ‘work triangle’ and relates to the layout of every kitchen, whatever its shape (see diagrams opposite).

Think about the process of cooking a meal and you will start to understand the importance of the work triangle. First of all, you take the necessary ingredients from the fridge and place them on a surface nearby. Next, you would probably wash any fresh produce, so being near the sink and water is an advantage. You would probably then pile up the washed produce and other ingredients and store them temporarily near the hob or oven ready for chopping before cooking. In addition, you may need to drain food from boiling water so clear, unobstructed access to the sink will be necessary. Obviously this scenario does not match the preparation of all food but a clear layout with unobstructed movements and light will always make the kitchen a safer and easier place to cook.

The initial starting point when planning the kitchen generally lies in locating the soil (or waste) pipe for the sink. Once you have positioned the sink as close to this as necessary – you may need to talk to a plumber or builder about the fall or drop of this pipe – you can then begin to position the other elements to create the ideal work triangle arrangement.

Please, have a look photos (Before and After) of completed Kitchen in Richmond TW10:



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