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Walk in Shower Installation in Wandsworth Sw11

Useful tips for walk in shower or wet-room installation with Altro flooring:

  1. Make sure you have enough space under floorboards, so all plumbing and waste trap can fit.
  2. Use existing floorboards as a sub-floor and don’t forget to screw 12-18 mm waterproof plywood on top of it
  3. Make sure there is sufficient slope for water drainage (very important !) before laying tiles or safety flooring fitting.
  4. Do get correct wet room drain (must be suitable for tile and/or vinyl flooring.)
  5. Do not use basic tile trim. Do get Vinyl to Tile C8 tile trim. It would be easier to make waterproof seal between wall tiles and safety flooring.
  6. Before laying wall tiles: fix waterproof boards in areas around shower mixer and other opposite walls can be done with green waterproof plasterboard.
  7. Use only waterproof good quality grout on walls to prevent moister penetration.

Here is example of our work, completed project for commercial customer: Hestia Housing & Support. Existing bathroom and shower-room both been converted in walk-in-shower rooms with Altro Safety Flooring Installation.

Shower room in Wandsworth before refurbishment.

Walk in Shower in Wandsworth completion.

TipTop Builders have many years experience in shower-room, wet-room and walk-in-shower installations. Please, give us a call on 07773329762 or fill out form FREE QUOTE (we will reply within 24 hours to arrange free visit and quotation)

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